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Integrated Crisis Management

Coordinated response, inside and outside the SOC

Coordinate Your Response to a Crisis Across the Organization

When you’ve discovered your organization has experienced a serious incident, it is typically time to collaborate with stakeholders outside the security department, such as legal, PR and senior executives. The Siemplify Command Center is an interactive and secure “war room” where you can invite people from inside and outside the infosec team to define and track a coordinated response to a crisis.

Define, Track and Execute on Your Response Strategy

From strategic decisions to tactical responses, the Siemplify Command Center brings everyone on the same page. Align on current assessments, track decisions and related tasks, or count down to the next decision deadline. The Command Center incident wall ensures the entire team is aligned and in lockstep.

Keep Everyone Informed

With real-time reporting and dashboards, it’s easy to allow senior leaders in your organization (or your customers in a managed security services scenario) to maintain clear line-of-sight to everything that has been done to address the crisis.

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