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Increase Margins in a Competitive Landscape

Managing a high-performing MSSP SOC is no simple feat. In addition to facing traditional security operations challenges such as alert overload, disparate tools and manual processes, MSSPs must scale their processes to a diverse and demanding customer base.

With fiercer competition than ever before, protecting margins by maximizing operational efficiency is no longer just an option.

Manage Security Operations from a Single Platform

Siemplify acts as the central, multi-tenant workbench for your security operations. With built-in case management, SLA management, collaboration, and reporting to measure and improve SOC KPIs, you can ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of your people, processes and technology.

Siemplify’s robust multi-tenancy offers unrivaled flexibility that allows you to provide tailored services for individual customers at scale, without adding cost and complexity.

Build Repeatable, Automated Processes

With an intuitive drag and drop playbook builder and over 200 integrations, Siemplify makes it easy to build and optimize processes for any use case. By automating most Tier 1 tasks and accelerating Tier 2 and 3 tasks, you can focus your hard to find talent on higher-value activities.
Siemplify’s interactive platform makes it easy to design playbooks that address your entire customer base or cater to a specific customer need. Either way, you benefit from repeatable, consistent processes that make analyst tribal knowledge available to all.

Slash Investigation and Response Times

Customers expect their MSSP to quickly address every single alert triggered within their environment. With its unique visual investigation and threat-centric approach, the Siemplify SOAR platform enables service providers to reduce costs and exceed customer expectations by having analysts focus on investigating and remediating threats instead of spending all their time monitoring and triaging individual alerts.

Improve Analyst Retention and Decrease Churn

Analyst burnout and churn not only affect the well-being of your talent, they also impact margins due to reduced productivity and turnover costs. By automating repetitive and mundane tasks, reducing false positives, and focusing analyst time on higher-value activities that require critical thinking, MSSPs can reduce turnover costs, accelerate analyst training and onboarding, and, most importantly, create a happier, more engaged workforce.

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