Incident Response - Triage

So many alerts. So little time.
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With the barrage of alerts, Triage and Incident Management consume disproportionate time and resources within a SOC. ThreatNexus helps to assess alerts in minutes, cut out the noise and instantly focus security teams on the most relevant threats.


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Stop focusing on individual alerts.  Proprietary machine learning algorithms deliver contextual grouping

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Investigating a case.  Critical information from a centralized view with Case Insights at the click of a button. 
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Prioritized Queue

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Address emergencies the second they are detected. Automatated prioritization engine, alerts filtering and alerts management capabilities built into a smart queue.

incident response prioritization

Leverage Existing Tools

Make your security tools work as one, integrating them into triage and assessment processes to collect enrichment data and insights for the analysts. ThreatNexus was designed to connect to any data source across the security footprint.

Identify Emergencies

When false positives are detected at lightning speed, emergencies and high risk events are much more visible, making it easier for security analysts to focus on what matters.

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