Siemplify Security Operations Platform for Enterprises

Move Beyond the Daily Cyber Grind

Unify disparate security tools for full visibility and context. Automate the tedious to free up time for more strategic initiatives. Speed response from hours to seconds.

Reduce analyst caseload
by up to 80%

Automate up to 98%
of Tier 1 tasks

Speed response from
hours to minutes

Your Complete Security Operations Workbench

"Siemplify Has Been A Game-Changer For Our SOC!"

"Siemplify has improved our tool integrations & capabilities during a period of significant growth in our SOC."

- SOC Director
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Easily build playbooks that drive consistency in your response processes and automate repetitive tasks. Orchestrate the tools you rely on with zero-coding or create integrations using a built-in Python IDE.

Case Management

Ingest, group, prioritize, assign and investigate security alerts from all your detection tools with case management that is purpose-built for security operations.


Focus on threats, rather than alerts, to get to the root cause in seconds and visualize the who/what/when of an attack.

Integrated Threat Intelligence

Ingrain threat intelligence across the entire detection and response lifecycle by automating the collection, management and sharing of threat intelligence.


Collaborate on every case, capture and document all SOC activity to drive security team effectiveness and transparency.

Dashboards & Reporting

Effectively measure and track real-time SOC metrics to improve the performance and efficiency of your security team and rise above the daily firefighting.

Crisis Management

Leverage an interactive workspace to bring together stakeholders from inside and outside of the SOC and coordinate a hands-on response to an incident.

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