Siemplify for Enterprise

Accelerate Security Operations

Siemplify equips enterprise security operations teams with vital tools, processes and context, powering better, faster investigations and response.

Orchestrate Your Whole SOC from One Workbench

Managing a high-performing SOC is no simple feat. With dozens of security tools and their associated processes distributed across an equal number of interfaces, the visibility needed to ensure maximum efficiency is in short supply. The Siemplify SOAR platform acts as a cloud-native security operations workbench, serving as the central hub for day-to-day SOC activities. Siemplify integrates the technologies security operations teams use most, defines and enforces consistent processes, and provides the intelligence and insights to drive continuous improvement across the SOC.

  • Bridge your cloud and on-premises security operations
  • Establish, standardize and automate response playbooks
  • Unify team collaboration and communication
  • Centralize, prioritize and assign analyst tasks in a single location

Conduct Context-Driven Investigations

Go beyond alerts, manage cases and improve ROI.

A SIEM is one of the most valuable tools in any enterprise SOC’s arsenal. But as the amount of data flowing into a SIEM increases, so does the volume of alerts coming out of it. The Siemplify platform enriches individual alerts with data from across the environment, grouping related alerts into cases to combat alert fatigue and give analysts the context they need to zero in on truly malicious activity.

  • Automatically group related SIEM alerts into cases
  • Address critical cases first with a prioritized queue
  • Get more context about each alert through data enrichment
  • Reduce time-to-insight and mean time-to-respond

Put Playbooks to Work

Enterprise security operations teams often rely on manual processes and tribal knowledge, creating inconsistency and unpredictability. The Siemplify security orchestration, automation and response platform’s playbook builder gives enterprise SOCs the tools to create consistent, repeatable security operations workflows supported by flexible security automation. Playbooks empower teams to improve incident response processes, onboard new analysts more quickly and retain departmental knowledge.

  • Get started with 80+ customizable playbooks
  • Create playbooks with simple drag-and-drop functionality
  • Infinitely customize playbooks with Siemplify’s Python-based IDE

Alleviate Alert Fatigue

Enterprise SOCs can receive thousands of alerts every week – more than most teams can effectively address. Siemplify combats alert overload by applying proprietary data science algorithms that automate the identification and grouping of related security alerts into cases. Customers have seen as many as 50 alerts come together to form a single, manageable case. Evolving from alert triage to case management streamlines daily security operations and allows for focused and rapid investigation and incident response.

  • Work threat-based cases via automatic alert grouping
  • Address critical cases first with a prioritized case queue
  • Use security automation to close trivial alerts without analyst intervention

Collaborate & Communicate Consistently

Fully leveraging the collective brain power of your analysts is vital to the success of your security operations team. Yet with disparate security tools, inconsistent processes and organizational silos, ensuring your team is collaborating effectively can be challenging. Siemplify’s security orchestration, automation and response platform serves as a workbench for all your security operations activities, facilitating effective, real-time communication and collaboration that results in greater efficiency and faster incident response.

  • Work together to solve cases using integrated chat
  • Automate case assignments and escalations
  • Expedite handoffs between analyst shifts

Continuously Measure SOC Performance

Demonstrating the value of the SOC is vital to your organization, yet it’s rarely easy. Defining and aggregating security operations metrics is typically a long, manual undertaking because the data needed is spread out across various consoles and technologies. Siemplify’s SOAR platform delivers timely insight and business intelligence for tracking and improving your SOC team’s performance, capacity and impact for better effectiveness and efficiency.

  • Track KPIs with customizable dashboards
  • Template engine for tailored, executive-level reporting
  • Automatically send reports on a defined schedule

Multiply the Impact of Your Team

New security analysts often have a steep learning curve as they get familiar with your entire ecosystem of security tools, and even the most seasoned analysts can quickly become frustrated by the neverending barrage of alerts. Siemplify addresses these challenges by providing a single interface for analysts to learn, automating repetitive tasks and allowing your team to apply its expertise where it is needed most.

Reduce alerts by 80% through grouping and prioritization
Increase analyst caseload capacity by 300% through automation and playbooks
Reduce MTTR by 70% and drive down dwell time

Maximize Investment in Existing Tools

Orchestrate all your technologies from a single console.

Most enterprise SOCs have 20+ security tools, most of which aren’t integrated with one another and require their own interface. The Siemplify Security Orchestration and Automation Platform integrates the technologies security operations teams use most, enabling them to expertly manage these disparate tools and their related processes from a single pane of glass.

Leading Enterprises Trust Siemplify

"The platform is extremely intuitive, and our analysts love its simplicity and ease of use. It has made our work much easier and more efficient, organizing and streamlining processes as well as creating stronger communication and collaboration. "
James Bantner
Analyst and Team Lead, Horace Mann Insurance