Siemplify Security Operations Platform Playbooks

Create streamlined, automated, and consistent processes

Synchronize people, processes and technology for more predictable and rapid incident response.

Streamline manual and inconsistent processes

Choreograph and automate standard use case procedures that result in consistent, repeatable processes across the security team and improve response times

Automate common scenarios

Address common day-to-day challenges (phishing or ransomware) with ready to run use cases, complete with playbooks, simulated alerts and tutorials.

Easily create and automate playbooks

Build playbooks, from simple to complex, by leveraging the advanced editing capabilities in the intuitive playbook builder.  Copy, paste, cut or delete within and between playbooks.  Select predefined actions and simply drag/drop them into the playbook grid. No coding required.

Easily scale and maintain your playbook library

Maintain, optimize, troubleshoot and iterate playbooks with lifecycle management capabilities including run analytics, reusable playbook blocks, version control and rollback.

Capitalize on work you’ve already done

Link alerts to established playbooks in your library to make automating processes easy and fast.

Test playbook efficacy before deployment

Run your playbook through the paces safely in a pre-production environment using the playbook simulator. Test each step of a playbook, actions and conditions without affecting production data.

Customize with built-in python IDE

Security teams with coding skills can modify and enhance existing playbook actions, simulate actions, debug code, or create integrations with homegrown tools from scratch.

"Power up" playbooks

Easily take playbooks to the next level with pre-coded utilities, enrichment actions, custom connectors and more.

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