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Customizable Playbooks

Build repeatable, automated response processes

Build Playbooks
Simple Drag and Drop

The Siemplify user-friendly playbook builder was designed to enable anyone on your security team to build powerful playbooks with ease. Instead of requiring coding expertise, users select predefined actions from 200+ supported security, IT and third-party tools and snap them into place on the playbook grid.

From the variety of trigger and branching options to built-in data parsing, playbook nesting and more, users find the simplicity of the Siemplify playbook designer a true game changer.

Orchestrate 200+
of the
Tools you Rely On

Siemplify provides built-in integrations to over 200 tools across endpoint security, network security, threat intelligence, IT, collaboration and more. Integrations can be downloaded with a single click from the Siemplify marketplace, with new integrations added regularly to keep pace with the ever-growing list of infosec tools in the market. 

Hit the Ground Running with Ready-to-Deploy Use Cases

To get you up and running in no time, the Siemplify Marketplace comes complete with a use case repository. A use case contains everything you need to address a common security operations challenge (think phishing or ransomware). From playbooks and integrations to simulated alerts and tutorials, use cases are downloaded and deployed in minutes with just a few clicks.

New use cases are continuously added by Siemplify experts as well as members of the Siemplify Community.

Manage the Entire Playbook Lifecycle

As your SOAR implementation matures and increases in value, your playbook library will develop and grow as well. Siemplify enables a full playbook lifecycle management process which makes maintaining, optimizing and troubleshooting playbooks at scale simple and easy.

Unique capabilities such as playbook run analytics, reusable playbook “blocks”, playbook versioning and rollback and the Playbook Simulator feature ensure your SOAR implementation grows in value, not complexity.

Limitless Customization
with Built-In Python IDE

The Siemplify platform ships with a full-blown Python-based IDE. Security teams with coding skills can modify and enhance existing playbook actions, or create integrations with homegrown tools from scratch. With built-in capabilities to simulate actions, debug code, and more, you will find no limits in your ability to customize the platform to meet your unique needs.

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