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Drive Revenue Growth

Offer New Services to New Markets

Today’s customers demand more from their MSSPs. To retain customers and grow market share, MSSPs must respond quickly with high-value services that appeal to the broader market.

Launch New Higher-Value Services with Ease

Siemplify was designed to enable MSSPs to launch new services, such as transitioning from simple monitoring to advanced detection and response. Siemplify’s ease of use, rich playbook library and ease of customization mean that launching new services is limited only by the MSSP’s expertise and imagination. 

Security services made easy with Siemplify include:

  • Managed Detection and Response (MDR)
  • Crisis Management
  • Threat Hunting
  • Cloud Security
  • Ransomware Detection and Prevention

Increase Your Addressable Market with Support for 200+ Technologies

With Siemplify’s 200+ integrations, you’ll never have to walk away from a deal. Siemplify playbooks and technology abstraction eliminate the need to hire experts for every customer-facing technology. Moreover, a lightweight, fully managed remote agent makes securely connecting to your customer’s on-prem tools simple and easy.  

With built-in support for all leading EDRs, NDRs, threat intelligence providers, SIEMs, CASBs and much more – your addressable market has never been bigger.

Support Any SIEM/SIEMless Delivery Model

Cloud SIEMs and modern detection tools are changing MSSP delivery models. Siemplify’s architecture was built to enable MSSPs to support any combination of SIEM/SIEM-less delivery models while maintaining a consistent experience for both customers and internal security analysts.

Delivery models include:

  • Traditional SIEM: Ingest alerts from a customer-owned SIEM.
  • Cloud SIEM: Seamlessly integrate with any cloud-based SIEM.
  • Managed SIEM: Ingest events from a customer network to your own SIEM or data lake.
  • No SIEM: Ingest alerts from tools such as EDR, NTA or anti-phishing, eliminating the need for potentially complex and pricey SIEM rollouts.

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