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Offer a Differentiated Customer Experience

With fiercer competition than ever before, service providers win by offering a differentiated customer experience.
As the only SOAR platform built with your customers’ experience in mind, Siemplify allows you to provide customers with the transparency they expect, the collaboration they demand and the reporting to demonstrate the value you provide for them.

Provide Unrivalled Visibility into Managed Operations

Lack of visibility into managed operations is a common source of customer dissatisfaction and churn. The Siemplify platform allows service providers to provide their customers with unrivaled visibility via a dedicated customer portal.

With Siemplify, customers are able to view every action taken by their service provider to investigate and respond to threats on their network, track SLAs and much more.

Collaborate with Customers Like Never Before

Engagements with customers with more mature security teams are often collaborative in nature. End-customers may prefer to execute certain investigations and remediation activities themselves, or at the very least, grant explicit approval for their service provider to take action.

The Siemplify platform was designed to support this collaboration. Instead of corresponding through miscellaneous emails that may not all go noticed, service providers and end-users can collaborate in one central platform with full visibility, control and auditability of back-and-forth activities and approvals.

Develop Intellectual Property to Increase Stickiness

Providing unique value to your customers is the primary mechanism to increase stickiness and reduce customer churn. Siemplify allows service providers to demonstrate their unique expertise by developing customized playbooks and processes that serve as intellectual property customers do not want to lose by switching providers.

Service providers are also able to offer private “marketplaces” where existing and prospective customers can access tailored services.

Demonstrate Value with Powerful Reporting and Business Intelligence

As a service provider, reporting on the value you bring to your customers is paramount. However, the sophistication and customization required to meet the reporting needs of customers can be strenuous and time-consuming, and often stretch beyond the capabilities of standard reporting modules.

Siemplify is the only SOAR platform with embedded business intelligence (BI), boasting reporting power, flexibility and visualizations that only full-fledged BI can provide. With Siemplify BI, creating and scheduling dazzling reports that demonstrate the value to your customers is fast, simple and easy.

Speed Up and Overhaul Your Onboarding Process

Your customer’s experience begins with onboarding. Instead of dragging out a painful process over the course of months, you can make the experience seamless by using a single platform that will ensure all user permissions, playbooks and technology integrations are visible. The guessing game of how things work on “the MSSP side” will turn into a sigh of relief for your customers and improve retention rates. 

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