Cyber Threats Visualization

See the full picture at lightning speed

cyber threats visualization

ThreatNexus powerful graph structure provides immediate context of cyber threats accelerating threat assessment, investigation, and response. Instead of combing through data sets and logs, analysts can quickly visualize a case.  Security alerts and events can be interpreted and investigated at the click of a button.  

Threat Storyline

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Review relevant events, assets and artifacts over a timeline of occurrence to understand the threat storyline.

incident response story line creator

Cyber Ontology

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Integrates data across the security footprint that shows the full scope of entities and relationships involved in a threat.

cyber ontology


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Find suspicious entities and connections inside your organization at lightning speed

cyber incident response investigation

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Log Rows

The days of combing through logs are over. A modern SOC plarform should offer an easier way to analyze, investigate and handle security data, especially when the count of logged information grows on a daily basis.

The Real Power Of Threat Intelligence 

Whatever feed you will be using for threat intelligence, Cyber Ontology integrates it seamlessly to security data to point out suspicious connections, hosts and IPs on the visual graph. Zero effort, maximum effect.

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