Siemplify Security Operations Platform Collaboration

Drive results with effective and transparent communication 

Bring your team together, no matter where they're located, to foster transparency and critical decision making.

Automatically capture and document all SOC activity

Capture all analyst case activity – including all automated actions, manual activities, chats, tasks and uploaded files – in a single, searchable and auditable repository.

Easily collaborate on every case

Tag colleagues, assign tasks, and monitor progress of a case directly from the case wall to ensure every case is fully addressed and nothing falls through the cracks.

Coordinate response to a crisis across the organization

Bring together stakeholders from inside and outside the SOC (legal, PR, security) to define and track a coordinated response.

Stay on top of everything you’ve been assigned

Access a centralized view of all activity you’ve been assigned, recommended actions waiting for review, as well as the ability to approve or reject recommended remediation actions – all without leaving the homepage.

Associate chat conversations with cases

Talk about cases in real-time with each other, with departments outside of the SOC or your service provider, document these chats as part of every case, and pin messages as evidence to the case wall.

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