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Collaboration and Teamwork

Make teamwork the norm

Automatically Capture and Document All SOC Activity

The Siemplify case wall serves as the single source of truth for your SOC, automatically capturing and documenting case activity. All automated actions, manual activities, chats, tasks and uploaded files are readily accessible and searchable for effortless collaboration and more efficient investigation. Case activity is also readily exportable to produce documentation that details every step that was taken by an organization in response to a specific alert.

Bring in Additional Help and Share the Load

Oftentimes, two heads (or three, or four) are better than one when it comes to investigating cyberattacks. Siemplify allows you to “tag” colleagues and bring them into a case, with all pertinent details readily available on the case wall. Additionally, analysts can create tasks for other team members and monitor progress directly on the case wall, ensuring no ball gets dropped and the case is fully addressed.

Collaborate with External Stakeholders When a Crisis Hits

When your organization sustains a true incident or breach, collaboration typically extends far beyond the walls of the SOC. The built-in Siemplify crisis management module fosters companywide collaboration in the event of an incident – bringing together teams from security, legal, PR and more to a common and secure virtual space where they can define and track a coordinated response.

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