Siemplify Cloud

Cloud-native SOAR designed for rapid time to value

Get Up and Running with SOAR Faster than Ever Before

Siemplify Cloud offers truly unparalleled time-to-value for organizations of all sizes. Cloud-delivery of the market-leading security operations platform means you can focus your time on improving security operations instead of deploying and maintaining software.
In addition, the rich Siemplify marketplace includes ready-to-deploy use cases, complete with playbooks, data and tutorials, allowing you to start addressing common challenges such as phishing or ransomware in minutes instead of weeks or months.

Bridge Cloud and On-Premise Security Operations

Security operations today are increasingly hybrid, with cloud and on-prem environments presenting different security challenges and oftentimes utilizing different technologies for detection and response.
Siemplify securely and easily orchestrates your security tools wherever they reside. From ingesting alerts to remediation, Siemplify Cloud empowers security teams to manage hybrid environments and respond at the speed of cloud.

World-Class Security and Compliance

Siemplify Cloud holds up to the highest standards when it comes to the security, integrity and availability of your data. From regularly conducted penetration tests and vulnerability scans to our world class devops team, Siemplify Cloud gives you the confidence and peace of mind required for safe and smooth operations.

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