Cloud Security

Unify on-prem and cloud security operations with SOAR

Orchestrate Cloud Security Operations from a Single Workbench

The exponential growth of cloud computing has increased the attack surface and introduced new security operations challenges. The Siemplify SOAR platform can help you streamline and automate detection and response workflows from a single workbench. From CASB alerts to cloud misconfigurations, Siemplify allows you to orchestrate your cloud security tools alongside your on-premises tools and build playbooks that manage everything from case creation and investigation to response.

Use Case: Automate Cloud Data Loss Remediation

As data is increasingly stored and shared from your cloud services it’s become a daunting task to track the risk of data loss. Siemplify’s integration with CASB tools allows you to automatically triage and take action on alerts when unauthorized user access (such as trying to copy a file) to restricted cloud-stored data is detected.

Integration Spotlight

Siemplify’s integration with Netskope allows you to enrich alerts with details such as user data, file name, file hash, file origination and upload location. The Siemplify platform comes preloaded with a common Netskope use case so deploying Netskope within Siemplify can be done in a few clicks.

Learn more about our partnership with Netskope.

Use Case: Manage Your Cloud Security Posture

With the prevalence of shadow IT and unknown cloud applications being spun up on a daily basis, gaining control and staying compliant with today’s numerous regulations feels impossible. Through integration with Cloud Security Posture Management (CPSM) tools that help you gain visibility, control and compliance across all of your cloud assets, you can automate response to keep yourself continuously compliant.

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Siemplify’s integration with Check Point CloudGuard Dome9 enables enrichment of CPSM alerts by integrating data from other Check Point tools such as ThreatCloud and SandBlast and also integrates with other third-party tools such as Azure Active Directory.

Read our Joint Solution Brief with Check Point to learn more about the details of our integration.

Use Case: Automate Response to Cloud Misconfigurations

Attackers can scan the web for your gaps in seconds – so your response should be just as fast. The well-known vulnerability of cloud service provider misconfigurations has been wreaking havoc on many migration plans because human error is always a possibility. However, responses to these errors can be mitigated by setting up a system of automated detection and response.

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Siemplify integrates with AWS APIs to build playbooks that drive automated response actions to AWS misconfigurations.

Watch our webinar on this topic with our friends at Stage 2 Security, where this use case is covered in depth.