SRE/DevOps engineer

Siemplify is looking for a talented and motivated Senior SRE/DevOps engineer to join our Production team and work in an advanced, dynamic, and challenging technological environment.

The position includes owning the company’s production environment, implementing industry best practices, managing CI/CD, managing monitoring&infra, own production roadmap and take the company to next level in cloud and production

What will you do?

  • Maintain and support product release pipeline, for planned product updates and unplanned emergency fixes
  • Build, configure and manage tools for fast and reliable deployments of our software.
  • Design, implement and develop of the continuous deployment systems and configuration activities.
  • Release process delivery and production stability.
  • Analyze performance and stability issues in both DEV and PROD environments.
  • Introduce new build systems techniques\technologies and evolve existing systems.
  • Automation and integration of complex processes.
  • Recognize technical needs and recommend suitable technologies.


For that, we need you to have:

  • At least 4+ years of experience working as a DevOps Engineer.
  • Strong knowledge in Linux environments.
  • Strong knowledge with Kubernetes/PVC/ConfigsMap/Autoscaler
  • Strong knowledge Docker
  • Strong knowledge with AWS (IAM, AWS WAF/Shield/GuardDuty, RDS, EC2/EBS, ECS, EKS)
  • Experience with c# and core applications
  • Strong understanding of DevOps and Software Design principles.
  • Knowledge in scripting (e.g. BASH, PowerShell, Python etc.)
  • Experience with package and artifact management systems such as NuGet server and Artifactory.
  • Experience with CI/CD methodologies.
  • Experience automating deployments with modern configuration
  • Hands-on experience with Continuous Integration tools such as Jenkins, TFS or AzureDevops.

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