Webinar Overview

Security teams are challenged by a deluge of alerts straining both infrastructure and personnel. Managing a SOC requires operational pragmatism. Perfect prevention is not achievable, so organizations are shifting focus to visibility and response speed. As a result, the role of the security analyst is more important than ever and the job is only getting more difficult.
Having trained security analysts all over the globe, we will share insights on how leading organizations mature security operations capabilities by focusing on reducing the time-to-insight for identifying threats

In this webinar we will examine –

  • How the time-to-insight is the key factor in lowering remediation times
  • The efficiencies of centralizing threat response to a single pane of glass
  • Best practices leveraging automation and human intervention
  • How to operationalize response through a cohesive orchestration process from detection to remediation
  • Driving productivity throughout the incident response process