Most Used Playbooks of 2018 - Incident response, Alerts, Automation

Siemplify November 16, 2018

The Most Used Playbook Of 2018 series brings you the production playbooks noted by our professional services team as being most utilized and favored by customer SOCs. These playbooks implement best practice workflows for alert handling, alerts investigation, incident response and automation plans.

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How to Get More from Your Existing Security Technologies

Meny Har September 19, 2018

The cybersecurity sprawl struggle is real.

Cybersecurity tools security orchestration

Quick - name 50 things that you're really good at. 

Security Operations Strategies for Winning the Cyberwar

Sarah Eck September 14, 2018

Thwarting cyber threats just takes a little security operations strategy

security operations strategy

Advice for staying ahead of cyberthreats abounds, yet most organizations still find themselves struggling to keep pace in a consistently evolving threat landscape. 

Security Automation Saves Money, Time and Work

Kim Crawley September 5, 2018

Security automation means a more efficient SOC, improving the bottom line

Security automation savings

The evolving threat landscape just gets more complex and brutal as time goes on. Targeted threats abound as advanced persistent threat campaigns, cyberwarfare, distributed denial of service attacks, and spearphishing. Meanwhile, zero-day vulnerabilities and exploits continue to be frequent occurrences. It’s a hostile cyber world out there, and it’s easy for organizations and enterprises to get overwhelmed. What if there was a solution that could be deployed that could cut down on the tedium that SOC analysts deal with? The right security automation tool can reduce your cases by 80%.

Automated Incident Response - How Enterprises Benefit from it?

Jenya Shvetsov May 30, 2018

Automated Incident Response Addresses Key Security Operations Inefficiencies

In this era where cyber threats occur rapidly and nonstop, combining incident response and automation is becoming a necessity for enterprises and MSSPs seeking to keep their cyber defenses up around the clock. The following provides an overview covering all you need to know about automated incident response and how it can benefit your organization.

Should You Stop Hiring Tier 1 SOC Analysts? | Siemplify

Nimmy Reichenberg April 17, 2018

shutterstock_378771547Much has been written about the death of the Tier 1 SOC analyst. To paraphrase Mark Twain, reports of that death are greatly exaggerated. A simple Glassdoor search yields 186 open positions that posted in just the last month. Is one of your open roles on that list?

Security Automation for Account Misuse | Siemplify

Meny Har April 12, 2018

Automating the triage and incident response for account misuse alerts

Well, here we are. Our fourth and final installment of this blog series on use cases that can benefit most from security automation. In case you've missed the prior posts, we have already covered automating the investigation of and response to phishing, malware and DLP alerts. 

Automate This: Security Automation for DLP Alerts | Siemplify

Meny Har April 5, 2018

Hey there, welcome back! We now proceed with the third installment of our four-part blog series. If this is the first time you're joining us, here's a quick recap of what we’ve talked about so far.

Security Automation for Phishing Alerts | Siemplify

Meny Har March 23, 2018

Automating triage and incident response of phishing alerts

Security orchestration and automation is an undeniably hot topic. Forrester named it one of the top 10 technology trends to watch in 2018-2020. So, it's clear there are lots of eyes on the space. But as SOC managers start to look at implementing security automation, they often find themselves asking, "where do I start?" 

your MSSP security orchestration shopping list | Siemplify

Miguel Carrero March 19, 2018

To say that MSSPs have a security orchestration challenge is the understatement of the century. But not just any security orchestration platform can satisfy the multi-tenant requirements of MSSPs.

BACK TO BASICS: What is security automation? | Siemplify

Nimmy Reichenberg March 12, 2018

Security automation back to basicsCybersecurity is full of terms, concepts, buzzwords and jargon that often get misused, overstated or muddled. That’s why, every now and again, we want to help you reground yourself in the true meaning of some of the most prevalent security terminology. 

Why Security Orchestration & Automation Play a Critical Role for MSSPs

Siemplify March 7, 2018

 Security Automation Orchestration for MSSPs-1.gif

Pop quiz: should you be automating? | Siemplify

Sarah Eck March 5, 2018


SOARing above the Security Talent Shortage

Nimmy Reichenberg January 3, 2018

security talent shortage

A lot has been said and written about the security talent shortage. A report by Cisco pegged the amount of unfilled cybersecurity jobs in 2019 at 1.5 million. A more recent report by Cybersecurity Ventures estimates 3.5 unfilled positions by 2021. Wherever the truth may lie, one thing is clear - the industry is not manufacturing cybersecurity professionals at a fast enough rate to meet current and future demand, so no one is expecting the security talent landscape to get better anytime soon.

Gartner releases SOAR Innovation Insight research | Siemplify

Siemplify December 14, 2017

Last week marked an important milestone for the Security Orchestration and Automation market. Gartner Research issued their most comprehensive research to date - Innovation Insight for Security Orchestration, Automation and Response or SOAR for short (Available to Gartner subscribers).

Impact of Security Orchestration & Automation on MSSPs

Siemplify December 6, 2017

Impact of Security Orchestration & Automation on MSSPs

When strategizing about methods of orchestration and automation, the industry often focuses on the needs of the traditional security operations center (SOC). However, coming up with solutions for security orchestration for MSSPs is of equal importance.

Are CISOs Ready to Trust Security Automation?

Siemplify November 21, 2017


For CISOs trying to keep a hold on securing the information and systems of their company, automating their security operations is an absolute must, of course within the context of a broader security orchestration approach.

Siemplify Announces the Deployment of ThreatNexus 2.0

Siemplify July 20, 2017

The demands and challenges within the scope of security operations are quite fierce. The problems plaguing security operations: alert fatigue, too many point solutions, shortage of analysts are well documented, and in many cases getting worse. These challenges are exacerbated with immense pressure driving burnout and high turnover among analysts.  

The Next Stage Of Security Automation - How Will It Evolve

Siemplify July 3, 2017

Before an organization can begin to analyze the benefits of security automation, a quick reminder of the threat faced by security breaches is necessary: According to the IBM Security Services 2014 Cyber Intelligence Index Analysis, in the region of 95% of security issues arising in companies and organizations occurred due to human error, and each lost data record cost on average $145 to a company. The report also found that the average company suffered from 91 million security events per year, of which over 100 could be classified as critical.

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