Siemplify partners with Palo Alto Networks for the launch of PAN App

Miguel Carrero June 21, 2017


Palo Alto Networks recent 2017 Ignite Conference in Vancouver truly lived up to its namesake. The conference is a firestorm of activity billed as a “yearly reinventing of how Palo Alto customers rapidly adopt the most compelling new security technologies in the market.”

Webcast: SOC of the Future - How to Run an Effective SOC

Siemplify May 21, 2017

Ransomware Attack Stuns the Globe, Security Orchestration-The Answer

Siemplify May 12, 2017
Hospitals throughout the UK were alerted early Friday morning of a potential ransomware attack, but by the time anyone could act, it was too late. The ransomware was already spreading and disrupting systems across the globe as part of a major infiltration. Ransomware remains one of the leading threats facing organizations today and is the Achilles heel of security teams struggling to keep up with multitudes of alerts.

Security Orchestration Made Simple: Effective Implementation Processes

Siemplify April 27, 2017

The challenges faced by a security operations center (SOC) are many and well-documented:
the workload is tremendous, while the workforce is limited, strained, and ill-equipped to handle the influx of alerts that constantly bombard their desktops.

The Benefits of Semi-Automation

Meny Har September 7, 2016

In football, planning every move down to the smallest details is everything. Any coach worth his or her salt has a playbook of strategies and every move, as impulsive as it may seem, has been carefully calculated with perfect “If this, then that” precision, before it ever took place. Yet, although every play has been pre-charted, effective execution relies on the adaptability of players in the moment and a keen understanding of the adjustments that need to be made “in game”.

SOCs Require More Than a Band-Aid Approach

Garry Fatakhov August 31, 2016

SOC teams are tired of being held hostage to a sea of alerts, by disconnected point solutions (each proclaiming to be the holy grail), by manual processes, and by the shear limits of human horsepower. What can be done? What if you could actually cut investigation times from days to minutes? Shrink caseloads by 30% overnight? Triple the productivity of an individual analyst?

How To Propel The Next-gen Isoc - Siemplify

Gad Rosenthal August 29, 2016

The security operations center of an organization is essentially it’s eyes and ears, defining what elements should be given pass to entry and which ones must be kept out at all costs. The SOC is all that stands between the security and integrity of corporate data and the attackers looking to get their hands on whatever they can.
The very nature of the SOC is a highly complex and ever-expanding fabric of people, process and technology, trying to “keep it together” against threats, known and unknown. But as we have seen time and again, more tools and more people don’t necessarily equal more security. In the constantly evolving threat environment that organizations find themselves in today, they are going head to head with attackers using an overly complicated mix of tools that simply aren’t built to evolve.

CRN Exclusive: Siemplify Launches First Partner Program

Garry Fatakhov August 23, 2016

Siemplify™ today announced the launch of its Nucleus Channel Partner Program, which extends the reach of the company’s ThreatNexus™ security operations platform by making it available to partners and their customers on a national basis. 

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