The demands and challenges within the scope of security operations are quite fierce. The problems plaguing security operations: alert fatigue, too many point solutions, shortage of analysts  are well documented, and in many cases getting worse. These challenges are exacerbated with immense pressure driving burnout and high turnover among analysts.

A recent article from Help Net Security addressed these various issues from a position of deep concern for the analyst. “In Short, they want a technological solution that is build with them in mind,” says Help Net Security Managing Editor Zeljka Zorz, “They want quality information, presented in a way that makes it easy to grasp and react to quickly. They want not to be bogged down in security alerts, and not to spend precious time searching for information. They want every task that can be automated to be automated. They want to have one central place where they can ingest all the information needed to make decisions that will minimize IT and business risk for their organizations.”

In response, Siemplify is announcing the immediate and innovative deployment of ThreatNexus 2.0!

TN 2.0 Graphics.png

ThreatNexus 2.0 bridges the gap of alert overload and analyst capacity through a centralized hub that integrates the security environment and acts as a control plane that ties together the different security tools. ThreatNexus leverages that integrated fabric to drive simplicity, context and efficiency throughout security operations and incident response. A guiding principle of ThreatNexus is to define the industry standards for Security Orchestration and Automation.

Some of the important features encompass:

  • AUTOMATION that allows the flexible creation of automated processes to replace cumbersome manual activities with machine speed response.
  • SMART-CONTEXT that utilizes proprietary machine learning algorithms to group and contextualize security data and automates piecing together the full threat story.
  • GRAPH-VIEW a unique graph visualization that provides an interactive canvas that displays the full threat data in one picture to allow for lightning speed investigation.
  • BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE providing total visibility to measure, report and manage every aspect of the Security Operations activity.
  • COMPREHENSIVE MANAGEMENT that drives efficiency and control across incident response from alert creation to case resolution

Siemplify CEO Amos Stern was recently quoted as saying, “Time and again we hear analysts rave about ThreatNexus’s ability to raise their game. No longer focused on low-level, mundane tasks and mind-numbing activities, they are able to focus on the value added work they were trained for.” As the battle for security clarity and rapid incident response continues, a platform like ThreatNexus can truly bare its teeth against the onslaught of alerts, providing the cornerstone for the next generation SOC.