Well, no one saw that coming.

For humanity, the global pandemic has altered every aspect of the way we interact with one another. From the horrible loss of lives, to forced distancing from our loved ones to economic struggles for big parts of the population, it seems like we are all ready to put 2020 behind us and look forward to a brighter 2021 with the help of a vaccine developed in record time. But 2021 also highlighted the very trait that makes us the most successful species in the history of our planet, our ability to quickly adapt and develop solutions to changing circumstances.

For the cybersecurity community, 2020 witnessed an all-time high in adversary activity, ranging from nation-state attacks like the recent SolarWinds breach, to financially motivated threat actors, to everything in between. With the cost of cybercrime forecast to reach $6 trillion in 2021 (which would make it the third-largest economy after the United States and China!), and an increasing cybersecurity talent shortage exceeding four million positions, life for cybersecurity defenders is only going to get more challenging.

For Siemplify, 2020 was a pinnacle year. Like many other businesses, we had to quickly adjust to working and collaborating remotely, and I would be lying if I said we did not experience our fair share of Zoom fatigue. However, despite everything that 2020 threw at us, our amazing team came through with flying colors and we achieved some truly great things together.

Here is a sampling of highlights:  

  • We continued our aggressive growth, winning top-tier Fortune 500 and global MSSP accounts, including a Top 5 global insurance company, a Top 20 global bank, a Fortune 200 engineering firm and several Top 250 MSSPs.
  • We launched Siemplify Community and the corresponding free community edition, making SOAR accessible for companies of all sizes.

  • We continued to deliver product innovation at breakneck speeds, including Siemplify Cloud and packaged use cases, pushing SOAR time to value and ease of use to new levels.
  • We held SOCstock, the inaugural event that brought together more than 2,000 security operations professionals for a day of community, insights and good vibes.

  • We continued to work hard to make our customers successful, resulting in a No. 1 rating on Gartner Peer Insights.
  • We continued to partner with the security ecosystems, forging strategic alliances with the likes of Check Point and McAfee to enable strong interoperability and joint use cases.

With 2021 underway, here are my New Year’s resolutions:

To the Security Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻: We will continue to intently listen and work hard to solve your most pressing security operations challenges. Being independent and vendor-agnostic, we are committed to bringing the security operations community together and maintaining our always-free community edition.

To our customers and partners 🤝: We realize that we have to earn your business every year and will spare no effort to continue to make you wildly successful with Siemplify. In addition to our great tech, many of you selected us because of our unwavering dedication to customer success. That won’t change.

To my fellow Siemplifers 👩‍💼👨‍💼: Working in a fast-growing startup is never easy, and this year added additional unique challenges that none of us saw coming. THANK YOU for all the hard work and dedication. I could not be prouder of what we achieved together. In 2021, we will focus more than ever on coming together as #OneSiemplify, staying true to our mission and values, and without a doubt again, we will kick some butt and have fun doing it. Good is ahead!

So dare I say: 2021, bring it on!

CEO and co-founder, Siemplify