That’s all it takes for an attacker to exploit a vulnerability in a security framework.

Once safely inside the environment attackers will attempt to stay in the shadows so they can carry out their nefarious goals. The job of the security team is to shine a light in all the dark corners of their environment giving the attackers nowhere to hide. However as environment diversity increases and the security tools required to protect these environments become more complex the shadows seem to only get bigger, making it easier for attackers to go unnoticed.

Security teams need the ability to aggregate potential security issues identified by their security stack into an actionable view that can act as a proverbial flood light, illuminating their entire environment at once. With the Siemplify SecOps Platform that is exactly what security teams gain; not only the visibility needed to understand threats but also the ability to take action all from one analyst-centric workbench. Now, when you add the powerful Siemplify SecOps Platform to your Palo Alto Application Framework you can close investigations faster than ever before.

As you are well aware the Palo Alto Application Framework enables you to aggregate security information from across your environment into a single repository to facilitate easy sharing of data across your security stack. This ability can significantly reduce the time it takes to deploy security controls as well as increase the value and usefulness of the rich security data collected and/or generated by your security stack. Siemplify is a trusted 3rd party app provider for the Application Framework which makes incorporating the SecOps Platform a snap. Once given access Siemplify can take the mountain of alerts generated by your security stack and turn them into actionable cases. In this short video you can see for yourself just how easy, and powerful, the combination of Siemplify and the Palo Alto Application Framework can be.

In security we need to take every advantage we can to stay ahead of the attackers. With the application framework and Siemplify working together you get a big one.