One of the most common and time-consuming cases security operations centers (SOCs) must complete daily are malware investigations. Part of the problem comes from the manual steps required to validate that a file or host’s behavior are, in fact, malicious. Intezer, the innovator of Genetic Malware Analysis, aims to make this validation quick and easy for everyone. 

Intezer’s technology empowers enterprises to conduct automated malware analysis, improving their security operations and accelerating incident response. Intezer’s platform provides a fast, in-depth understanding of any device or file by mapping its code DNA at the ‘gene’ level. By identifying the origins of every single piece of code within seconds, Intezer can quickly detect code reuse to known malware, as well as code seen in trusted applications. 

Intezer can now be integrated with Siemplify, enabling SOC analysts to save significant time, reduce false positives and improve overall productivity. The short video above shows how easy it is to add Intezer into Siemplify dynamic no-coding-required playbooks. 

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Steve Salinas is director of product marketing at Siemplify.