One of the most frequently asked questions about the Siemplify Threat Analysis Platform is how we compare to other cyber-security tools.  It’s a logical question, particularly seeing that we integrate with cyber-security tools, helping them be smarter and easier-to-use.  We’ll be demoing this very point at RSA next week.

What makes the Siemplify Threat Analysis Platform so unique is that it transcends product spaces, combining elements of user behavior analytics (UBA or UEBA), incident response management, automated response, threat intelligence platforms, and forensics.  The Platform synthesizes information from those and other security tools into a single, coherent storyline for rapid analysis and investigation. And when it comes to remediating threats, the Siemplify Threat Analysis Platform allows security teams to access deployed remediation tools directly from the Siemplify interface.


As cyber security experts, we know how frustrating investigating threat can be today. If you’re like us, you probably bring strong analytical skills to your job and you probably can solve complex problems pretty quickly.

But our experience has been that the sheer complexity of the enterprise environment hampers the productivity of security analysts. As cyber-security professionals, we would need to sift through thousands of security alerts every day just to identify the five percent of alerts that matter. We would wear out the wheels of our chairs (or the tips of our fingers) constantly switching between the consoles of different security tools just to investigate simple threats. Many times we would need to spend waiting for access to a data repository or need to learn some fairly complex query languages just to extract a few critical bytes of data. The Siemplify Threat Analysis Platform eliminates a lot of the “grunt” work of cyber-security so you can do what you do best: analyze and stop threats.

But don’t take our word. Swing by booth N3447 at the upcoming RSA conference next week in San Francisco and see just how powerful security operations can become. Even better, email us at for a custom demo at RSA and tell us your security pain. We’ll show you how Siemplify can bring relief – today.