Security professionals are constantly inundated with information about “breakthrough” products claiming to “change the face” of <insert product category here>. 

Frankly, it does not take long for all of these hyped product announcements to become white noise, making it harder for decision-makers to ensure they are making well-informed choices about the tools and technologies should bring into their organization and security operations center.

So when thinking about how to introduce the latest version of our Security Operations Platform, v5.1, which is packed with enhancement and customer-driven improvements, we decided that a “just the facts” approach is the way to go. 

To that end, in v5.1 we have spent significant time and resources addressing customer requests, as well as evolving our overall solution to meet the changing needs of SOCs. While the version includes several small improvements and enhancements, there are three major changes to note:

1) Improved Custom App Integration

The ability to customize the Siemplify platform to meet your needs has always been part of our solution. But as our customer base has grown, we have recognized the need to evolve our customization options as well. Therefore, in v5.1 we improved the existing custom-developed application integration capabilities to include dependency management, more parameters and the ability to import and export. 

2) Next-Gen Siemplify IDE

Customers have long appreciated the ability to customize virtually anything within the platform using the Siemplify integrated development environment (IDE). V5.1 introduces an updated version of the IDE that meets – and exceeds not only customer requests but other IDEs in the SOAR market. The new Python Editor in the Siemplify IDE delivers better code performance with a new user design and interface, and auto-completes for Python keywords. If you are a programmer or know one in your SOC, you will want to get your or their hands on this powerful tool. 

3) Playbook Evolution

Playbooks are a staple of any SOAR solution because, let’s face it, if you do not have even a rudimentary automated playbook capability, you really do not have a SOAR. Our approach to playbooks continues to evolve as attack complexity and investigation needs change. That said, as we maintain our no-coding-required playbook philosophy, we continue to extend our overall abilities to meet the needs of coders and non-coders alike. In v5.0, we introduced an advanced expression builder enabling orchestration and decision automation for more complex investigations. In v.5.1 we added an additional automation trigger action to the event and alert data existing triggers. This means users can now create one playbook that triggers advanced logic based on the event, alert, and/or case data. We also added the same level of flexibility to our new condition statement. They may not sound like it, but these upgrades are a big improvement for playbook creators.


To learn more about v5.1 and how the Siemplify Security Operations Platform can be a game changer for you and your team, request a personalized demo from one of our experts or play with the product yourself with an interactive demo.