If you are like most security professionals, you are hoping to get a little downtime before the end of the year so you can recharge the batteries for 2020.

But before you power down, you should check out some of the changes just released in version 5.3 of the Siemplify Security Operations Platform. You can take a closer look at all features packing this version in the release notes, but here are the big three:

1) The release introduces playbook lifecycle management, powered by blocks, which eliminates the time-consuming need to create and maintain your library of playbooks.

2) You can now create alternative workflows that act as a fallback branch, kicking into action if a step in the playbook fails to complete. This ensures analysts are working with the best available data at all times.

3) The platform now runs on high-performance Linux architecture built for stability, security and scalability.

To learn more about these new capabilities, check out the short video above.

Steve Salinas is director of product marketing at Siemplify.