Today we are happy to unveil a completely revamped SOAR marketplace that is designed from the ground up for rapid time to value, making SOAR implementation faster and simpler than ever before.

The Siemplify Marketplace is a one-stop-shop for all the integrations, use cases, playbook components and analytics needed to get running with SOAR in no time. As you’d expect from the No. 1 vendor-agnostic SOAR provider, the Siemplify marketplace provides access to a vast library of integrations. But it also offers several unique capabilities no other SOAR marketplace offers, such as access to pre-packaged use cases for quick deployment, ‘power-ups’ that boost playbook functionality and advanced business intelligence reports. 

Tackling security operations challenges truly takes a village, which is why we’re thrilled to have many members of the Siemplify community contributing to the marketplace by developing integrations and use cases. If you’re not a member yet, we welcome you to join the Siemplify Community and download the free community edition. . 

Hit the Ground Running with Packaged Use Cases

While every organization is different, they have a lot in common when it comes to the security hurdles they face. For this reason, the marketplace includes a unique library of ready-to-deploy use cases. These help users easily address common security challenges such as phishing, malware, suspicious logins or ransomware. So instead of trying to figure out how to build the best workflows for common threats, you can start with the playbooks already built by Siemplify and our community. Deployed with just a few clicks, use cases contain the playbooks, as well as integrations, simulated alerts and tutorials required to hit the ground running.

Hundreds of Integrations, Backed by the Siemplify Community

Built-in integrations to hundreds of security and IT tools across endpoint security, network security, threat intelligence, collaboration and others are the bread and butter of SOAR. The Siemplify Marketplace enables these integrations to be deployed in a few clicks, and new integrations are added regularly to keep pace with the ever-growing list of tools in the market. Some of our recent integrations focus on cloud security and include the likes of Amazon Web Services, Chronicle and Microsoft Azure. 

Power Up and Save Time During Playbook Development

The Siemplify Marketplace introduces a unique new concept: power-ups. This new term we invented (because we’re nerds) may remind you of a video game where the player can boost their life force or score by finding certain objects like golden nuggets. In the SOAR world, power-ups are pre-coded utilities that simplify playbook development to save your team precious time and effort. From email parsing utilities to list manipulation, power-ups allow you to unleash the full power of SOAR without reinventing the wheel for basic functions. 

Security Operations Insights Made Simple

The final piece of the puzzle is the advanced reports library, which allows you to extract insights from Siemplify native reporting, as well as the unique embedded Tableau-based business intelligence module. This library helps users save time on building reports on analytics around your sensor performance, playbook analysis, analyst workload and more. The insights it provides helps you take out the guesswork from security operations and be on your way to drive continuous improvement.

You can take a look at the new marketplace by visiting

To experience firsthand the power of the marketplace, download the always-free Siemplify Community Edition.

Nimmy Reichenberg is CMO at Siemplify.