Palo Alto Networks recent 2017 Ignite Conference in Vancouver truly lived up to its namesake. The conference is a firestorm of activity billed as a “yearly reinventing of how Palo Alto customers rapidly adopt the most compelling new security technologies in the market.”

How We’re Solving Security Challenges

This year I was proud to be in attendance at Ignite 2017 and witness the launch of the Palo Alto Networks Application Framework which included Siemplify as a committed partner, helping to apply security orchestration to the most challenging security use cases.

For me, the Palo Alto Networks community, now organized through its Application Framework and in concert with the security orchestration capabilities of ThreatNexus furthers the vision we have at Siemplify of driving efficiency and effectiveness at every level of our customer’s security operations. My excitement around this innovative partnership lies in how it connects security teams utilizing Palo Alto Networks Next Generation Security Platform with the necessary workbench to significantly mature their security operations, manage the day to day alerts and respond to threats faster.

Staying ahead of Emerging Threats

As I look at the industry, it becomes clear that the Application Framework emerged in direct response to the ever-changing threat landscape and the need for organizations and MSSPs to stay ahead of the emerging threats and increasingly dynamic security issues faced today. I praise the Palo Alto Networks leadership in setting up this disruptive initiative. Blending Palo Alto Network’s leadership as a next-generation security company with Siemplify’s comprehensive security orchestration platform will provide unprecedented prevention, detection, and response.

The Ignite 2017 conference remains an incredible event where the latest in security innovation and technology are celebrated. The heated discussions that took place at Ignite 2017 succeeded in lighting the way for security leaders to develop their upcoming security operations strategies. This year, Siemplify and I were proud to stand with these leaders by joining the Application Framework, and we are eager to partner on the next generation of security technologies.

To learn more about the Palo Alto Networks Application Framework visit the info page…