Few places inside the business demand metrics quite like the security operations center (SOC). Think about it: Not only has security become a mainstream subject within the business, necessitating the clear communication of critical messages around risk, it’s also a 24/7 environment complicated by a unique set of challenges requiring improvement direction.

As such, implementing a metrics program that yields timely, relevant and actionable insights can go a long way to building a more mature and highly functioning SOC, while appeasing stakeholders and ensuring their buy-in.


But no metrics program can succeed without 1) endorsement for the collection of data and 2) the collection of the right data that lends itself to analysis and is able to be presented in a digestible format.

To that end, Siemplify has created the No-Nonsense Guide to Security Operations Metrics, a best practices white paper delivering practical guidance for securing support for a metrics process, picking the right things to measure and using the information you gather to have as big of an impact as possible across not only the SOC but also the C-level and board of directors.

Download the document to discover:

  • Steps for establishing endorsement for beginning a SOC metrics program.
  • Priority and secondary examples of what you should collect for three main categories: business-oriented, operational and improvement metrics.
  • Advice for collecting each metric and the value they can provide.
  • What to do with the measurements and insights you glean from your program.
  • How to use a security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) platform to more effectively collect and display metrics.
  • Download your complimentary copy here and start your journey toward metrics that matter.