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Introducing the Definitive Guide to Ransomware Response

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Last Updated Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Written by Dan Kaplan

Written by Dan Kaplan

The ransomware racket has grown so sophisticated, even beginners can be successful at it. How’s that for a mind screw?

Because the threat has reached epic proportions – so much so that the U.S. is urgently convening an international summit with the sole purpose of addressing ransomware – there is no shortage of blogs and articles about how you should approach the risk. But most simply scratch the surface. Security operations professionals require something more. They need a guide created by incident responders themselves.

Download Now: The Definitive Guide to Ransomware Response [New E-Book]

Look no further than Siemplify’s Definitive Guide to Ransomware Response. With this e-book by your side, you can go beyond the basics with a deep dive into response tactics and techniques, allowing you to go brass knuckles on a scourge that has risen nearly 1,100% year over year, is worrying security pros more than any other threat and is literally harming life.

What can you find inside the guide?

History of ransomware: Reflect on the evolution of this insidious threat to help you prepare for what today and the future holds.

Common vulnerabilities and infiltration methods: Consume the latest flaws being exploited to spread ransomware, and the pathways purveyors are leveraging to attack.

Preparation practices: Take in a refresher on running tabletop exercises and getting backups in order, and review the principles of early detection.

Crisis control: Learn the key points your communications template should include and explore free tools that can help mitigate an attack’s “blast radius.”

Primer on automation: Discover how SOAR is an ideal technology to address a rapidly and laterally spreading threat like ransomware.

Dan Kaplan is director of content at Siemplify.


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