The security operations center (SOC) is a complex place. For one, attaining efficiency is critical, considering time and effort are of the essence in an environment too often reliant on manual and inconsistent processes while continuously pummeled by alerts.

But don’t try to set a performance benchmark against others, as there is no one-size-fit-all recipe for SOC success with every organization facing a different risk profile, no matter how similar in size and vertical you may be to another.

And while maturity is at or near the top everyone’s SOC wish list, getting there remains a choppy work in progress for many organizations, especially those that are banking on new technologies to save the day.

The real path to success, as always it seems, boils down to people, process and technology with a healthy dose of flexibility. 

It’s obviously more complicated than that, and that is where a new Gartner report, “Tips for Selecting the Right Tools for Your Security Operations Center,” can help in a big way. Read the report to discover how to:

  • Reduce the chance of failed projects.
  • Align the tool selection process.
  • Make technology investments that will provide the best results for your biggest threats and blind spots.
  • Rely on workflows to support your processes.

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Dan Kaplan is director of content at Siemplify.