The widespread coronavirus-forced lockdown is unlikely the first time security operations teams have had to temporarily migrate away from physically sitting in the SOC, but it is almost assuredly going to be the longest.

Free Download: A Technical Guide to Remote Security Operations

That has naturally introduced a large number of challenges, both physical and cerebral, from difficulty creating a functioning home SOC setup to triaging new risks arising from a sudden remote workforce to keeping one’s psyche intact amid a stressful time.

To help security operations professionals like you maintain as smooth a migration as possible to a remote SOC lifestyle, we have prepared a new technical guide supplying functional advice for getting acquainted with common threats to phasing in new playbooks and proactive security measures.

Get your copy of A Technical Guide to Remote Security Operations to learn:

  • Which security threats are compounded by mobile working.
  • Guidance for secure connectivity/VPN usage.
  • An analysis of video conferencing best practices.
  • Practical tips for getting a remote SOC off the ground and efficiently automating & orchestrating.
  • How to empower team collaboration, communication and overall well-being.