A unique genetic makeup is required to be a security operations professional. Analysts, engineers, managers act as the primary digital gatekeepers for the organization. It is a responsibility whose importance cannot be understated in today’s perilous, volatile and unyielding threat landscape and one which requires analytical and creative acumen, concentration and vigilance.

On the other hand, the nature of the job can be tedious, laborious and – at times – overwhelming, especially within a security operations center (SOC) that is underskilled from a people perspective and lacks full maturity across processes and technology. As such, SOC pros must be inspired and challenged to want to keep at it, day after day.

So where does that leave today’s security operations practitioner? Glad you asked because we have prepared a shiny new infographic – “The Anatomy of a Security Operations Pro” – that breaks down the most common and desirable peculiarities and predilections of a SOC staffer, from intelligence and concentration to an affinity for caffeine to adoption of a security orchestration and automation (SOAR) platform.

We think you’ll find it to be eye-catching, amusing and all-too-relatable.

Tell us what you think and please share it with or tag on social media a peer who exhibits the characteristics of our SOC star. Let’s call him Sam. (He kind of looks like one, doesn’t he?)

>> Download the Infographic (PDF) <<