So you’ve been breached.

Putting aside the fact that your security infrastructure failed to prevent it from happening, you now find yourself scrambling to identify key stakeholders, develop both tactical and strategic plans, and most of all, keep track of all the simultaneous actions happening. In the response confusion, conflicting messages and redundant work is not uncommon, making a bad situation worse.

Security operations centers work as effectively and efficiently as possible in all conditions. Given this goal, it made perfect sense for us to attack this problem head on by developing a new feature in the Siemplify Security Operations Platform with our integrated crisis management “war room.”

This feature aims to consolidate tactical and strategic plans across your organization in one secure location to streamline response and recovery processes, while simultaneously eliminating all the confusion, frustration and missteps that can occur during this  stressful time. In this short video, you can discover the high-level capabilities of the feature.

Steve Salinas is director of product marketing at Siemplify.