Security operations centers deal with a variety of cases, and one of the most uncomfortable is the insider threat investigation.

Unlike other cases, when confronting with an insider threat, the investigation typically has a specific  (and trusted) target: a person, a co-worker or, in a worst-case scenario, even a friend. This unique characteristic raises the stakes, as any misstep by you could mean a rouge insider goes unfettered or, potentially worse, tarnishes an innocent employee’s reputation.

At Siemplify, we aim to make every analyst more efficient and effective. In the short video above, you can discover how our security operations platform can drive a consistent, repeatable and fool-proof workflow for these delicate probes.

It’s hard to think about a trusted employee going rogue, intentionally causing harm to your company for such reasons as financial gain, spite or even pure enjoyment, but these types of attacks are on the rise. The good news is you can be sure that the results of your investigation – whether confirming you have a misbehaving insider or clearing an employee of any misdoing – can be trusted.