The modern SOC is a hybrid SOC, featuring a blend of in-house and outsourced professionals. For the latter group, security operations is their business, and MSSPs have discovered that SOAR technology provides a slew of benefits, including process consistency, speed and efficiency for analysts, and client collaboration and transparency.

Joseph Blankenship and Chase Cunningham of Forrester Research joined Siemplify for a four-part video series. In the fourth and final part (below), the pair discuss the role of SOAR for service providers, how they can evaluate their own success, and what selection criteria should look like for end-users shopping for an MSSP – especially in the era of more demanding customers and the death of the “black-box” MSSP model.

Part 1 of this series examined the inherent need for automation inside the SOC. Part 2 revealed how orchestration and automation intertwine with an organization’s broader security efforts. Part 3 described the impact of a ransomware infection and why the traditional prevention-only, “one-and-done” mindset has virtually no effect on keeping you protected. Enjoy Part 4 below!