Alert fatigue, skills shortages, process shortfalls and budget restrictions are all working against the security operations center (SOC), which may cause you some obvious head-scratching considering how essential these hubs are to your overall infosec program, not to mention the business at large.

But some organizations are not wilting in the face of these challenges. Instead they are progressing their SecOps, often starting as a team of only a few people and quickly growing.

Who better to share insight into how SOC professionals are navigating obstacles and acquiring favorable outcomes than Tim Condello, senior customer success manager at Siemplify? In the video above, Tim discusses:

  • Why phishing continues to trip up security operations.
  • How SOCs are becoming more advanced in how they address threats, including with the formation of teams dedicated to use case understanding and development.
  • Which other functions SOC analysts are able to handle when they are freed up from more alert-focused, time-consuming tasks.
  • Why every organization will eventually find value in SOAR.