Later this month we’re attending the FS-ISAC Fall Summit, an event dedicated to sharing the best security practices and trends among financial service institutions. One of our blue chip financial customers has illustrated the importance of such events, saying, “Look across the industry, we’re all trying to solve the same problem, but we’re all doing different things. There needs to be more sharing and collaboration at an industry level in order to keep our institutions safer.”

We agree. Which is why we’re looking forward to sharing our observations at the FS-ISAC Fall Summit. We’ve found that the industry has invested in more security tools than any other and has a diverse range of solutions working independently. They also have the largest number of staffed analysts focused on monitoring and responding to security threats. Companies are left with with too many point solutions and an overworked staff, which has only exacerbated the original problem. These are some of the reasons why we created Siemplify ThreatNexus™, to help organizations better utilize their diverse range of security tools, drive productivity and ease the burden of overworked teams.

While the summit is an opportunity to promote Siemplify, it’s also a chance for our team to interact with fellow experts in the industry as well as potential customers. Some of the questions we look forward to asking attendees:

  • Are you struggling to figure out how best to embrace automation and maintain the balance with human intervention?
  • How is your organization addressing the shift from detection to response?
  • With a focus on response, how is your security team evolving its security footprint to meet the needs of the next generation SOC?

Share your thoughts in the comments or find us at Booth #9 at the FS-ISAC Fall Summit!