Part of the challenge security analysts face when completing investigations is ensuring they have all the data needed to make informed decisions. 

With so many security, IT, and productivity tools generating vast amounts of rich data, analysts need a way to scalably scour this data to find the proverbial needle in the haystack. The Siemplify Security Operations Platform provides exactly that functionality with the new playbook Expression Builder. 

The feature allows you to take action against any alert, case, entity, environment, event or data resulting from previous playbook steps. In the short video above, you can view an example of how to put the Expression Builder to work to identify potentially vulnerable machines in your environment.

Without the Siemplify Expression Builder, completing a concise workflow is cumbersome and difficult to scale. But with the ultimate flexibility the Expression Builder delivers, anyone can create dynamic, scalable playbooks, making quick work of triage, investigation and response. 

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Steve Salinas is director of product marketing at Siemplify.