If you follow innovation in the security space, you would be hard pressed not to have heard of SentinelOne and the powerful capabilities it provides to help protect endpoints.

With its breadth of detection and prevention capabilities, organizations that deploy the SentinelOne platform can effectively defend their environments from malware, exploits, insider threats and more. 

Siemplify offers an “out-of-the-box” integration to the SentinelOne platform, enabling customers of both technologies to increase value and benefits gained from the solutions. 

The short video above leans on a ransomware playbook example to demonstrate how easy it is to incorporate SentinelOne into the Siemplify Security Operations Platform.

While Siemplify provides an excellent integration package for SentinelOne, organizations that have programming proficiency can easily customize existing actions, as well as create new actions, using the Siemplify integrated development environment (IDE).

Endpoints are a favorite target for attackers due to the rich data they typically contain and the fact that users interact with them daily. 

By integrating your SentinelOne next-generation endpoint protection solution with Siemplify, you are minimizing the chance attackers can leverage these endpoints to reach their goals. To learn more about how to integrate, or any other solution in your security stack, with Siemplify, you can request a personalized demo.

Steve Salinas is director of product marketing at Siemplify.