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How to Write Crisp and Clear Security Operations Communications Before You Hit Send [Template + Infographic]

[Chris Crowley is a cybersecurity instructor and industry analyst. This is Part 1 of his series of easy-to-use “best practice”…

3 Things Every SOC Team Needs to Know About DevSecOps in a Cloud-Native World

It is one of the hottest buzzwords in the cybersecurity landscape not named zero trust.  DevSecOps has grown in prominence…

Introducing the Definitive Guide to Ransomware Response

The ransomware racket has grown so sophisticated, even beginners can be successful at it. How’s that for a mind screw?…

Top Cybersecurity Playbooks for the “Anywhere Operations” Era

The pandemic has changed a lot of things, but one of its largest legacies will be its impact on the…

Introducing the Blueprint of Modern Security Operations

Nowadays you don’t need to be reminded (but we will anyway) that between ransomware, phishing, supply-chain attacks and more, the…

Is Your Security Operations Team Focusing on These Diversity and Culture Practices?

Research shows that fostering greater diversity and inclusion is beneficial to organizations, both from a security standpoint as well as…