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Why People Still Dominate Modern Security Operations (And How Detection and Response Technology Can Help)

Of all the cybersecurity disciplines, one is uniquely and intrinsically connected to the human being: security operations. The success of…

Google Cloud Security Talks Set to Tackle Improving Your Threat Detection and Response 

As if your detection and response efforts needed any more reminding, the tenuous state of geopolitics has left many security…

Log4Shell Vulnerability: What Security Operations Teams Need to Know Now and How SOAR Can Help You Detect and Respond

For security professionals, 2021 will conclude with them racing to respond to one of the most grave internet vulnerabilities in…

How SOAR Helps to Hold Up Your Part of the Cloud Security Shared Responsibility Model

The allure of the cloud is indisputable. Flexibility, reliability, efficiency, scalability and cost savings are tantalizing traits for a business…

How to Reduce Noise and Fix Alert Fatigue in Security Operations [With Examples]

Have you ever noticed trees that are marked with spray paint? Now, I’m no tree spray paint marking expert, but…

Selecting the Best SOAR Solution Series: Throw the (Play)book at ‘Em! (Part 4)

Welcome to Part 4 of our series examining how to select the best security, orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) solution…