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Powerfully Simple SOAR for Service Providers [Video]

Security service providers require a software-driven foundation to deliver high-quality services that impress customers. But building this foundation for your…

How to Take Command During a Security Crisis (+Video)

A successful response to a cybersecurity crisis scenario requires having a central integration hub where incidents are managed by security…

We’ve SOARed and SOARed, and Now We’ve Reached the Cloud

  Today marks a big day for Siemplify with the official launch of Siemplify Cloud – the cloud-native security operations…

Looks Can Be Deceiving: Context and the New Normative in Log and Event Analysis

(The following is a guest post written by Alissa Knight, an ethical hacker, entrepreneur and author.) Is your SIEM or…

What is SIEM? The Roadmap to a Better SOC

As the frequency and severity of data breaches continues to increase, and users become more concerned about privacy and the…

3 Emerging Remote Security Use Cases Addressable with SOAR Playbooks

Even as many SOC teams have shifted to remote operations in recent weeks, the basics of their mission are unwavering:…