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How to Reduce Noise and Fix Alert Fatigue in Security Operations [With Examples]

Have you ever noticed trees that are marked with spray paint? Now, I’m no tree spray paint marking expert, but…

Selecting the Best SOAR Solution Series: Throw the (Play)book at ‘Em! (Part 4)

Welcome to Part 4 of our series examining how to select the best security, orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) solution…

Introducing Best-of-Breed SOAR and TIP, Fused to Work Together

Batman and Robin. Peanut butter and jelly. Bernie and his mittens. Some things just go better together. Security orchestration, automation…

Power Up Your SOAR Game with the Siemplify Revamped Marketplace

Today we are happy to unveil a completely revamped SOAR marketplace that is designed from the ground up for rapid…

Siemplify Joins MVISION Marketplace as an Inaugural Member and Preferred SOAR Partner: What This Means for You

  From grabbing the latest social media app to landing a vacation rental, the trend of online marketplaces is rapidly…

How to Measure Effectiveness of Your Security Operations with SOAR and Business Intelligence (+Video)

Rising above the daily firefighting to actually measure the effectiveness of your security operations is easier said than done. This,…