Carbon Black and Siemplify are excited to announce a partnership to deliver a fully integrated solution for incident response.

By combining forces, Siemplify and Carbon Black will provide clients around the world with stronger prevention, detection and response strategies and capabilities.  The combination of Carbon Black’s industry-leading, next-generation endpoint security (NGES) platform and Siemplify’s leadership in security orchestration and automation gives customers a world-class, end-to-end solution from prevention to response.

This joint solution capitalizes on the full portfolio of Carbon Black’s solution – Cb Defense, Cb Response and Cb Protection – empowering customers to:

  • Accelerate triage and analysis of alerts & cases with Siemplify’s automated enrichment and querying of endpoint data from Cb Defense
  • Enhance the power of Cb Response integrating the full security footprint to enhance IR
  • Bring the power of the Carbon Black portfolio to all analysts seeking to elevate and accelerate triage capabilities through ThreatNexus Orchestration platform

“Carbon Black and Siemplify share a common goal – stop breaches and mitigate threats through effective prevention, detection and response,” said Tom Barsi, SVP of Corporate Development for Carbon Black. “This new initiative helps our shared customers manage the entire security life-cycle more efficiently and effectively.”

“Security teams seek to reap maximum benefits from their security investments,” said Amos Stern, CEO of Siemplify. “Partnering with the leader in next-generation endpoint security gives customers a single response platform with complete visibility into their security footprint, allowing them to accelerate response and better utilize the full scope of resources across security operations.”

This partnership brings a heightened sense of control for security analysts, who are already overwhelmed with an unprecedented high rate of alerts coming across their systems. The broad security coverage provided by Carbon Black, in concert with Siemplify’s Security Orchestration strength, is a strategy that will pay a significant ROI on the back-end for customers.

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