How to Harness the Benefits of Threat Hunting Despite the Security Skills Shortage (Video)
2 min read
June 14

  Threat hunting is arguably one of the most overused and misunderstood terms in security. If you were to get…

Using Deception and Automation to Reduce Attacker Dwell Time
4 min read
June 13

In the treatise, “The Prince,” Niccolo Machiavelli, a 16th-century political theorist, muses about using deception to gain advantage over political…

How You Can Take Your SOAR to the Next Level
3 min read
June 6

Security orchestration and response (SOAR) solutions are quickly becoming a must-have for security operations centers large and small. Due to…

Why Your Cybersecurity Use Cases Should Span the Lifecycle of a Threat
3 min read
June 4

Typically when security operations teams think about security use cases, they focus on detection scenarios, thanks to the shift underway…

How Alert Grouping Can Help You Deal with Security Stack Complexity (Video)
3 min read
May 31

  If you are like me, you spend at least a few minutes each day checking social media sites for…

3 Ways Automation and Orchestration Can Help You Stem the Insider Threat
4 min read
May 30

It’s easy for businesses to overestimate the risk posed by external threats and underrate the insider threat hazard. After all,…

How the “Diamond Model” Can Help SOC Analysts Boost Incident Response
4 min read
May 22

If it hasn’t happened to you yet, it will: Attackers have breached your defenses and are stalking your network. What…

Siemplify Raises $30M to Take Security Operations to the Next Level
2 min read
May 20

Big day today at Siemplify! We just announced that we have raised $30 million in Series C funding. This injection…

How Siemplify Uses Machine Learning to Drive SOC Efficiency
3 min read
May 15

The promise of machine learning in cybersecurity, specifically inside the security operations center, is vast, but let’s not get ahead…

Vulnerability Management and SOAR
2 min read
May 3

Integrating Vulnerability Management into your SOAR to shorten investigation time Vulnerability Management has come along way in recent years. Once…

That’s a Nice SOAR Budget You Have There… Pity if Something Were to Happen to It
6 min read
April 23

So you took the proactive step to get a budget and purchase a SOAR, congratulations. The funny thing about budgets…

How to complete an investigation from the Siemplify Security Operations Platform Explorer View
5 min read
March 14

Security analysts are always looking for ways to speed up the investigation process. With alerts streaming into the SOC continuously…

Siemplify and the Palo Alto Application Framework Making case investigation and response fast
2 min read
March 13

Seconds. That’s all it takes for an attacker to exploit a vulnerability in a security framework. Once safely inside the…

Carbon Black and Siemplify: NextGen AV and EDR meets SOAR
3 min read
January 24

Attackers love endpoints.   Protecting your endpoints from the continuous onslaught of attacks can drastically reduce the available attack surface….

4 Things SOC Managers Should CARE About in 2019
1 min read
January 14

[Originally appeared on Security Boulevard] New Year resolutions in our business lives typically require more careful planning compared to our…

Why Enterprises Should Consider NOC/SOC integration
3 min read
November 21

Enterprises Can Gain Significant Efficiencies and Increased Effectiveness through NOC/SOC Integration   Approximately 80% of organizations with a security operations…

Most Used Playbooks – Incident Response, Alert & Automation
2 min read
November 16

The Most Used Playbook series brings you the production playbooks noted by our professional services team as being most utilized and favored…

What Machine Learning Means for Security Operations
7 min read
October 4

Machine learning holds great promise for security operations Over the past two years machine learning has found its place firmly…

Building a Holistic Cybersecurity Metrics Program
7 min read
September 27

An organization’s ability to discover and reduce risk in a more preventative manner rests heavily on having clear cybersecurity and…

Introducing Siemplify v4.25
3 min read
September 25

You ask and we deliver. Siemplify version 4.25, the latest release of our award-winning security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR)…

How to Get More from Your Existing Security Technologies
5 min read
September 19

The cybersecurity sprawl struggle is real. Quick – name 50 things that you’re really good at.

Security Operations Strategies for Winning the Cyberwar
4 min read
September 14

Thwarting cyber threats just takes a little security operations strategy Advice for staying ahead of cyber threats abounds, yet most…

Security Automation Saves Money, Time and Work
7 min read
September 5

Security automation means a more efficient SOC, improving the bottom line The evolving threat landscape just gets more complex and…

Security Operations Challenges Impeding SOC-cess – 2018 SANS Survey
5 min read
August 24

Lack of effectiveness metrics and orchestration/automation top list of security operations frustrations The more things change, the more they stay…

What You Should Know about Driving Down MTTD and MTTR
6 min read
August 16

Effectively connect people, process and technology to minimize MTTD and MTTR There’s a reason it’s said that what gets measured…

Creating a Foundation for Proactive Incident Response
6 min read
August 8

As a Boy Scout, you’re trained to be prepared – always in a state of readiness in mind and body…

Security Orchestration as a Catalyst for MSSP Speed to Market
5 min read
August 3

Security Orchestration Accelerates MSSP Scalability & New Service Development The market for managed security services grew 9.5% in 2017, the…

5 SOAR Implementation Pitfalls to Avoid
8 min read
July 23

The benefits of security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) are many – if executed correctly There’s no doubt, organizations around…

Putting Your Incident Response Processes to the Test
7 min read
July 8

Are You Regularly Testing Your Incident Response Processes?     Surely you remember it well. Your class being gathered and…

Selecting a Security Orchestration Vendor
11 min read
June 8

Have a clear criteria list when selecting a security orchestration vendor Security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) vendors offer SOCs…

Automated Incident Response – How Enterprises Benefit from it?
7 min read
May 30

Automated Incident Response Addresses Key Security Operations Inefficiencies In this era where cyber threats occur rapidly and nonstop, combining incident…

SOARing Above the Clouds of GDPR Compliance | Siemplify
5 min read
May 25

Security Orchestration Help Get Organizations Closer to GDPR Compliance Happy GDPR Day! You’re ready, right? Kicked back, feeling relaxed and…

Introducing Siemplify Security Orchestration Version 4.0
3 min read
May 24

Continuously Innovating Security Orchestration and Automation The Siemplify team is always adding and improving features based on feedback from our…

The Role of Security Orchestration in Managed Detection | Siemplify
6 min read
May 14

Managed detection and response (MDR) is a fast-growing managed security offering focused on detecting and responding to threats that have…

Anguish and Antidote – Overcoming Top CISO Challenges | Siemplify
6 min read
May 2

  “Here’s What’s Keeping Your CISO Up at Night” “CISO Survey Paints a Grim Picture” “Thirty-seven CISO Pain Points”

Should You Stop Hiring Tier 1 SOC Analysts?
8 min read
April 17

  Much has been written about the death of the Tier 1 SOC analyst. To paraphrase Mark Twain, reports of…

Security Automation for Account Misuse | Siemplify
6 min read
April 12

Automating the triage and incident response for account misuse alerts Well, here we are. Our fourth and final installment of…

Automate This: Security Automation for DLP Alerts | Siemplify
6 min read
April 5

Automating the triage and incident response for DLP alerts   Hey there, welcome back! We now proceed with the third…

Security Automation for Malware Alerts
7 min read
March 30

Automating the triage and incident response for malware alerts Welcome to the second post in our four-part blog series where…

What SOC Managers Should Know about SOAR and Threat Intel | Siemplify
6 min read
March 28

“Information is a source of learning. But unless it is organized, processed, and available to the right people in a…

Security Automation for Phishing Alerts | Siemplify
8 min read
March 23

Automating triage and incident response of phishing alerts Security orchestration and automation is an undeniably hot topic. Forrester named it…

Your MSSP security orchestration shopping list | Siemplify
5 min read
March 19

To say that MSSPs have a security orchestration challenge is the understatement of the century. But not just any security…

BACK TO BASICS: What is security automation? | Siemplify
7 min read
March 12

Cybersecurity is full of terms, concepts, buzzwords and jargon that often get misused, overstated or muddled. That’s why, every now…

Back to Basics: What is Security Orchestration?
7 min read
March 8

Some things just go together. Peanut butter and jelly. Gin and tonic. Bacon and more bacon. The same is true…

Are Cybersecurity Tools Enough? | Siemplify
5 min read
February 23

Thousands of tools to choose from, but nearly half of security alerts go uninvestigated. Feel familiar? Hunters are fond of…

SOARing above the Security Talent Shortage
4 min read
January 3

A lot has been said and written about the security talent shortage. A report by Cisco pegged the amount of…

Gartner releases SOAR Innovation Insight research | Siemplify
2 min read
December 14

Last week marked an important milestone for the Security Orchestration and Automation market. Gartner Research issued their most comprehensive research…

Impact of Security Orchestration & Automation on MSSPs
5 min read
December 6

When strategizing about methods of orchestration and automation, the industry often focuses on the needs of the traditional security operations…

Are CISOs Ready to Trust Security Automation?
5 min read
November 21

  For CISOs trying to keep a hold on securing the information and systems of their company, automating their security…

Symantec and Siemplify Team Up
2 min read
October 11

Symantec and Siemplify are excited to announce a partnership to deliver a fully integrated solution for threat management.    

Understanding The SOC Team Roles And Responsibilities
6 min read
September 20

Building an effective security operations center (SOC) is crucial for organizations of all sizes. Just like the companies themselves, every…

Castle Ventures announced of ThreatNexus – to drive Security Orchestration
3 min read
September 7

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Siemplify™, the leader in Security Orchestration & Automation, and Castle Ventures, a leading Data Security and Managed Security…

USED PLAYBOOKS OF 2017 – Incident response, Alerts, Automation
2 min read
August 21

The Most Used Playbook Of 2017 series brings you the production playbooks noted by our professional services team as being most…

The Phenomenon of Phishing Attacks: How to Protect Yourself
4 min read
August 2

Phishing attacks are nothing new and a stalwart of the hacker repertoire. The proliferation of phishing attacks both simple and…

3 Best Ways to Approach Security Incident Management
4 min read
July 27

The landscape of Security Incident Management has altered drastically Ten years ago, the term “security incident management” was not commonplace…

Siemplify Announces the Deployment of ThreatNexus 2.0
3 min read
July 20

The demands and challenges within the scope of security operations are quite fierce. The problems plaguing security operations: alert fatigue,…

Why is Cyber Security Important – How To Avoid Threats
4 min read
July 19

In the ever growing battlefield of cyber security, it is nearly impossible to quantify the reasons why cyber security is…

Carbon Black and Siemplify Announce Integration Partnership
2 min read
July 14

Carbon Black and Siemplify are excited to announce a partnership to deliver a fully integrated solution for incident response.

4 Best Practices For Building a Security Operations Center
8 min read
July 9

You have to know four things before building anything, whether it’s something “simple” like assembling your new furniture from IKEA…

The Next Stage Of Security Automation – How Will It Evolve
5 min read
July 3

Before an organization can begin to analyze the benefits of security automation, a quick reminder of the threat faced by…

Petya Ransomware – How To Best Approach This Global Threat
4 min read
June 29

The recent cyber-attack caused disruption around the globe and has infected companies in an estimated 64 countries, including major banks,…

Siemplify partners with Palo Alto Networks for the launch of PAN App
2 min read
June 21

Palo Alto Networks recent 2017 Ignite Conference in Vancouver truly lived up to its namesake. The conference is a firestorm…

Ransomware Attack Stuns the Globe, Security Orchestration-The Answer
3 min read
May 12

Hospitals throughout the UK were alerted early Friday morning of a potential ransomware attack, but by the time anyone could…

Security Orchestration Made Simple: Effective Implementation Processes
6 min read
April 27

The challenges faced by a security operations center (SOC) are many and well-documented:the workload is tremendous, while the workforce is limited,…

The Top Priority Procedures For Incident Response
5 min read
April 25

Cybersecurity has become an increasingly challenging landscape to navigate. Having said that, there has been a constant evolution from conventional…

New Research On Security Orchestration, Automation & Incident Response
4 min read
April 24

In early 2017, Siemplify, in partnership with Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), conducted extensive research on the priorities and challenges within…

Darkreading interviews Siemplify CEO Amos Stern on ESG Research
1 min read
April 13

Half of Security Pros Ignore Some Important Alerts Short-staffed, more than half of organizations admit they ignore alerts that should…

New York Department of Financial Services Cyber Security Regulation
4 min read
April 4

Security Orchestration addresses latest cybersecurity regulation plaguing financial services industry.

From SIEM to Security Orchestration
4 min read
March 22

Over the last decade, SIEM solutions have been the cornerstone of security operations.  As investments in detection rose, these systems…

Security Operations Challenges and Priorities for 2017
3 min read
March 6

We are only a few months into 2017, and cybersecurity issues continue to occupy news headlines. “America has a ‘cybersecurity…

3 Essential Things To Include In Your Cyber Security Strategy
5 min read
March 4

In this day and age, we are constantly playing keep up with technology. On a personal and a workplace level,…

How to Build a Cyber Incident Response Plan | Siemplify
8 min read
February 16

Planning is Vital to a Successful Cyber Incident Response Program Before embarking on anything new – buying a new house,…

Siemplify Wins 2017 Cutting Edge Incident Response Solution.
2 min read
February 14

Cyber Defense Magazine has announced that Siemplify has won the 2017 Award for Most Cutting Edge Incident Response Solution. Siemplify…

Siemplify Awarded Fastest Growing Cyber Security Company
2 min read
February 10

In recognition of our accelerated growth and market demand Siemplify has been awarded the 2017 CyberSecurity Excellence Award for Fastest…

451 Research features Siemplify’s security orchestration platform
1 min read
February 3

New report says “Siemplify SOC orchestration targets process quality and breadth, and analyst productivity.”

Webinar-Next Generation Analyst for Next Generation Threats
1 min read
February 2

Webinar Overview Security teams are challenged by a deluge of alerts straining both infrastructure and personnel. Managing a SOC requires…

Siemplify at RSA – What to Look for
2 min read
January 26

Each year the security world descends on San Francisco for RSA – a week long showcase of products, people, parties…

Top Cyber Security Threats in 2017 – Siemplify
7 min read
January 19

With 2016 bringing political polarization into cybersecurity, we take a look into the top global cybersecurity threats in 2017 Now…

How Leading Organizations Leveraging Security Orchestration
1 min read
January 10

Webinar: Next generation analysts for next generation threats – lessons from deploying best practices to hundreds of SOC teams! Tuesday,…

Siemplify makes top 10 list of cyber security companies
1 min read
January 10

Momentum Partners, a Cybersecurity focused advisory firm based in Silicon Valley has recognized Siemplify in their “Cyber Security Watch List” in acknowledgment of…

Siemplify Nominated for 2017 Cyber Defense Magazine InfoSec Awards
1 min read
January 10

Siemplify is a proud nominee for the 2017 Cyber Defense Magazine InfoSec Awards in the Incident Response Category. Kicking off…

5 min read
January 4

  It’s no secret that security operations are under fire. In most enterprises, the only thing standing between a normal…

Driving ROI from Threat Intelligence & Security Operations
5 min read
December 28

Over the last few years, the issue of corporate cyber security has gone high profile and accordingly, budgets allotted to…

InfoSecurity Magazine Webinar: The future of Security Operation
3 min read
December 7

A Million Analysts Won’t Save Your SOC: The Future of Security Operations It’s no secret that companies across the world…

What is Cyber Ontology? Deliver context for Orchestration
6 min read
December 7

The modern Security Operations Center (SOC) is a highly complex system of point tools, all designed to keep sensitive corporate…

Duplicate Alerts Drain Your Security Analyst’s Time
2 min read
November 22


Putting Threat Intelligence to Work
3 min read
November 8

Last month I attended the FS-ISAC Fall Summit and was thrilled to see the overwhelming interest in making security operations more…

Preparing for Cyber Attacks on our Power Grids
4 min read
October 27

This month we participated in NERC’s 2016 annual Grid Security Conference bringing together cybersecurity and physical security experts from industry and government…

A Million Security Analyst Won’t Save Your SOC
5 min read
October 25

It’s no secret that companies across the world face serious challenges when it comes to designing and maintaining their Security…

Why it’s so difficult for SOC team to trust automation
1 min read
October 18

Those managing corporate security environments can have mixed feelings towards automation. On the one hand, automation helps teams efficiently handle…

Why Financial Sector Socs Must Mature to Remains Secure
4 min read
October 11

Cyber criminals have their cross hairs firmly locked on the financial sector. Although financial institutions have long been primary targets…

FS-ISAC Fall Summit 2016
2 min read
October 10

Later this month we’re attending the FS-ISAC Fall Summit, an event dedicated to sharing the best security practices and trends…

Shift To Response Requires Rethinking Security Infrastructure
1 min read
September 14

When it comes to corporate information security, it often feels like hackers have the advantage. In the September issue of (in)Secure Magazine ,…

The Benefits of Semi-Automation
5 min read
September 7

In football, planning every move down to the smallest details is everything. Any coach worth his or her salt has a…

SOCs Require More Than a Band-Aid Approach
1 min read
August 31

SOC teams are tired of being held hostage to a sea of alerts, by disconnected point solutions (each proclaiming to…

How To Propel The Next-gen Isoc – Siemplify
6 min read
August 29

The security operations center of an organization is essentially it’s eyes and ears, defining what elements should be given pass…

CRN Exclusive: Siemplify Launches First Partner Program
1 min read
August 23

Siemplify™ today announced the launch of its Nucleus Channel Partner Program, which extends the reach of the company’s ThreatNexus™ security…

Siemplify Taking Security channel by Storm
1 min read
August 23

As part of the recently announced Channel Partner Program, Siemplify’s Ryan Snell was interviewed by ChannelPartners Online.  “The biggest obstacle…

Black Hat and Beyond-Siemplify
2 min read
July 31

As industry experts continue to stress the importance of becoming the next-generation SOC, it seems everyone struggles to grasp how…

5 Reasons Why Security Operations Need More Than a SIEM
5 min read
June 13

SIEMs are mandatory tools for forensic security teams, aggregating logs from a multitude of sources, exploring within a dataset, and auditing…

Next-Gen Security Operations Center in Action -Siemplify
3 min read
May 1

Below is an eyewitness account we received from one of our U.S. bank customers following a security incident. Names and…

Morgan Stanley and the CISO Dilemma
3 min read
April 21

Last week I had the honor of speaking at the annual Morgan Stanley CTO Summit in London.  The Summit focused…

OPIsrael and the value of next generation SOCs
5 min read
April 7

Today is an excellent opportunity to see how next generation SOC platforms are changing enterprise security. One of the biggest organized cyber…

Seeing is Believing at RSA
2 min read
February 25

One of the most frequently asked questions about the Siemplify Threat Analysis Platform is how we compare to other cyber-security…

Bringing Military Intelligence to Security Operations
5 min read
February 16

Transforming the way enterprises perform cyberthreat analysis, Siemplify emerged from stealth mode today with the first security operations platform to…

The Future Of Security Operations-Siemplify
5 min read
February 16

For the past 13 years, I’ve been heavily involved in the military intelligence community and the cyber security industry, setting…