The Siemplify Security, Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) Platform

Siemplify is on a mission to re-envision security operations. We tirelessly pursue simplicity and a stellar user experience to help your SOC move beyond the daily cyber grind and concentrate on what matters most: building resiliency and investigating and remediating real threats, fast.

The Best Security Teams Trust Siemplify

From Fortune 500 firms to Global MSSPs, Siemplify is the SOAR platform behind the world’s best security teams.

Siemplify Automates the Security Operations Lifecycle

The Siemplify Security Operations Platform serves as your complete security operations workbench – going beyond standard playbooks and automation to deliver case management, investigation, integrated threat intelligence, collaboration, dashboards & reporting, and crisis management.


Case Creation

Playbook Execution

Context - Driven Investigation


Business Intelligence

What Makes Us Different?

Uniting context with a threat-centric approach.

Alert hypervigilance has been the status quo for far too long – until now. Siemplify has shifted the paradigm, focusing on applying context to a threat-centric approach. Enabling you to focus on what’s important instead of drowning in analysis. Our patented technology automatically groups related alerts into a single threat-centric case, reducing caseload, improving efficiency, allowing for a single analyst to work the case.

“Without Siemplify, we would not be able to deal with the amount of alerts that we take in from our customers without significantly scaling the team.”- MARK DOYLE, DIRECTOR | LONGWALL SECURITY

A platform that’s powerful for engineers and intuitive for analysts.

We know securing your organization is complex and challenging and designed our cloud-native platform for productivity. From our visual investigation to our code-free playbook builder, you don’t need to be a python guru or memorize complex command lines to effectively use Siemplify. On the back-end, we provide engineers with a python-based IDE and powerful customization to address any use case. The platform enables everyone – from the most senior engineer to the newest tier-one analyst – to onboard quickly and consistently make good, fast decisions.

“Siemplify allows our analysts to shorten their learning curve and connect the dots faster with answers from multiple data sources.”- ERIC TAYLOR, CTO AMERICAS | ATOS

We provide insights into your security operations.

End-to-end visibility can be hard to come by, making it challenging to report progress to upper management or get a close-up view on what’s being worked on, what’s delayed and where the bottlenecks are occurring. From dashboards, to insights, to the case wall, we’ve intentionally built in the ability to consolidate and easily see the scope of activities, generate insights that drive improvement, and measure improvement over time.

“My team can now perform higher quality investigation and analysis and we are better equipped to provide reporting on compliance and overall operational effectiveness.”- SANDY FIGURSKI, CIO | HORACE MANN

We’re the company you’ll love doing business with.

We create long-lasting partnerships that ensure you’re wildly successful – providing exceptional customer support, helping you get the most out of your investment, getting you up and running quickly, and building the best product imaginable.

“The best part of working with Siemplify is how client focused they are. SOAR solutions are technical with a lot of moving parts. They understand the complexity and have set themselves up so clients don’t feel like they are left holding a very expensive paperweight.”- VP – MSS

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