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Manage Security Operations
from a Single Platform

Manage Security Operations <br/> from a Single Platform

From case creation, through
investigation to
remediation –
Siemplify provides the intuitive, cloud-native
workbench security operations
teams have been
craving to
effectively respond at scale.

Build Repeatable,
Automated Security Processes

Build Repeatable, <br /> Automated Security Processes

Build playbooks that orchestrate
over 200
of the tools you rely on
with simple drag and drop.
Automate repetitive tasks to free
up your time
for higher value
work and slash response times.

Track, Measure and Improve
SOC Performance

Track, Measure and Improve <br />SOC Performance

Rise above the daily firefighting to
decisions that drive continuous
improvement with
machine-learning based
recommendations and advanced
analytics for
complete visibility
of SOC activity.

Simplicity and Power,
Impossibly Combined.

Simplicity and Power, <br> Impossibly Combined.

Siemplify provides an unrivaled
intuitive analyst
experience that
boosts productivity with powerful
customization capabilities that
security engineers rave
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Orchestrate your existing
investments, increase
analyst capacity and
standardized processes for more
effective and faster incident


Scale efficiently and create new
generating response
services with the security
operations platform purpose built

The Best Security Teams
Trust Siemplify

From Fortune 500 firms to Global
MSSPs, Siemplify is the platform
behind many of the world’s best
security teams.

Siemplify saves us 30 minutes with every alert that comes in.

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Siemplify allows our analysts to shorten their learning curve and connect the dots faster with answers from multiple data sources.

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Building playbook with Siemplify is so easy,
it almost feels like cheating

My team can now perform higher quality
investigation and analysis and we are better
equipped to provide reporting on compliance
and overall operational effectiveness.

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The alerts grouping mechanism significantly
reduces the amount of alerts that the analysts
have to deal with.

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Siemplify was very easy to set up and very easy to get up and running. It’s clear they are here to support us in every step along the way.

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Siemplify helps us automate many actions and
procedures … reducing the amount of time and
effort needed to successfully investigate and
remediate security events.

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We have seen significant improvements in
our day-to-day operations that drive better
efficiency and more effective incident

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Siemplify allows me to eliminate some
of the noise. Having the single pane of glass
that centralizes everything means I can
be more efficient.

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With Siemplify, we can confidently
go to our customers with findings, which
solidifies our position as their security

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Siemplify helped us reduce our caseload
by over 80%.

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Provides more than other
SOAR tools.

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We Don't Play Favorites

Siemplify integrates over 200 of the tools security operations teams rely on. We are 100% vendor-agnostic so you can select the tools that are right for you.

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