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Security teams are under fire…

Drowning in a Sea of Alerts


Lack of Manpower to Respond


Disconnected Point Solutions



Siemplify ThreatNexus is a security orchestration and incident response platform designed for the entire security operation to manage, investigate, and automate threat response from a single pane of glass. Used globally by enterprise security teams and MSSPs to accelerate threat response, Siemplify is the de-facto standard for analysts to manage and respond to threats.

Maximize Security Investments

Transform static security data into actionable intelligence driving ROI from existing security investments.

Shorten Time to Respond

Empower security teams to perform lighting fast investigation driving to root cause and remediation in a fraction of the time.

Drive Analyst Productivity

Reduce the number of alerts by nearly 80 percent and eliminate the need to navigate multiple point solutions through a single pane of glass, driving analyst efficiency.

Respond to all Types of Attacks

ThreatNexus gives Security Operations the flexibility to respond to all types of attacks, providing the ultimate balance between machine-led and analyst driven response.

Improve Management Visibility

Provide unprecedented visibility and context across the entire security ecosystem. Define, gather, and track key performance indicators for all facets of the incident response lifecycle.


Security Orchestration & Incident Response Platform

ThreatNexus provides the only comprehensive platform to centralize threat response within a single pane of glass.

Orchestrate Transparent.gif
Orchestration & Automation

ThreatNexus contextual based approach to orchestration and automation provides the ultimate balance between machine driven and analyst led response.

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Management & Reporting
Management & Reporting

ThreatNexus connects the disparate tools across the security footprint to become the nucleus serving security operations. Alerts are clustered with related threat indicators into prioritized cases. Fully contextualized cases are either fed through the automation engine or presented to analysts for rapid triage and management.

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Investigation & Analytics
Investigation & Analytics

ThreatNexus includes a powerful visual investigation canvas, allowing any analyst to seamlessly use the full power of cyber ontology in order to find the root cause of an incident in a fraction of the time.

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Siemplify has been a game changer for us. Analyzing and prioritizing tens of thousands of security alerts has been very time consuming. Investigations have been compromised by limited visibility and inadequate tools. Siemplify connects the dots in real time, allowing us to shorten the period of time from detection to mitigation from weeks to minutes.

Arieh ShalemCISO at Orange Telecommunications Israel

Siemplify fills a huge void in the security operations center today. It integrates and unifies information in real time from throughout the security infrastructure. It’s a complete empowerment play for every CISO, security manager and security analyst out there.

Alex PinchevPresident, Global Sales and Marketing at Rackspace

We’ve chosen to partner with Siemplify because the ThreatNexus platform delivers a comprehensive end-to-end security solution that enterprises have been craving. We believe Siemplify provides a crucial capability that inherently changes the way enterprises perform incident response.

VP of Security Services – Channel Partner

From a partner perspective, the enterprise cybersecurity landscape has been missing a solution that ties everything together for the business. With Siemplify, we see a tremendous opportunity to build a practice around helping customer security operations teams to realize the full value of their security portfolio while ultimately becoming more secure.

Daniel LakierPresident and CTO of SeeGee Technologies

ThreatNexus is the primary tool our analysts rely on to manage the entire threat lifecycle. Our entire SOC team no longer has to navigate multiple tools and systems to investigate and mitigate cyber threats.

CISO, Global Financial Institution

As the MSSP landscape remains highly competitive, we found challenges in scaling our operation to meet customer demand. ThreatNexus is the MSSP industry’s only option for effectively running a multi-tenant SOC from a single pane of glass.

VP Security Services, MSSP

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